What was I supposed to say?

 October 14, 2017

I was tagged in a Facebook post today. Some rescue volunteers in the Detroit area were desperately seeking a rescue pull for a dog. I get tagged almost daily, and often remove the tag, focus on the dozen dogs already in my care, and go about my day. But today, when the post popped up, I looked….looked at his eyes…saw the confusion and the fear. He was dumped by his people. Left at an over burdened, underfunded shelter and left, literally, for dead. He didn’t even have the mixed blessing of a seven day stray hold. Yep, dumping is usually a death sentence. Well, not today. Not for this boy. Please, help us, help him. He needs a health appraisal, vaccines, neutered and a new family. We cannot say yes without your support. 

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  • One response to “What was I supposed to say?”

    1. yes! Bring him in Monday for his health appraisal on the house….depending on the results we will work together on his preventative health.

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