August 9, 2013

This sweet girl Skye was tearfully and lovingly surrendered to our care last evening by her young, overwhelmed companion who knew Skye needed urgent medical care and was unable to pay for it. He had taken Skye to the veterinarian a few weeks ago (his bill in excess of $200.00) and was given medication. But when the condition reappeared and was dramatically worse he desperately started searching for options. Although family and friends urged him to take her to the dog pound, he contacted several rescue groups and was told they could not assist with a dog that was ill. He found Love From Louie on Facebook, called yesterday afternoon with a desperate plea for Skye and drove two hours to bring her to us. Skye was met at Laura Steenrod’s farm by Donna Koch, a Love from Louie Board member, Practice Manager at Blackman Animal Clinic and Dr. Margaret Berry of Mt. Hope Veterinary Hospital. After Skye’s condition was assessed she was taken to Mt. Hope where she will undergo surgery this afternoon.
We would be grateful for donations OF ANY SIZE to assist with medical expenses. You can donate here or:
Love From Louie
P.O. Box 144
Rives Junction, MI
And yes, she will need a forever home so contact me if you are her Angel!!!

Update 8/16/2013

After two surgeries and five days in the hospital, Skye is feeling great and recuperating with rest and medication. A big slobbery kiss goes out to Dr. Berry and the gang at Mt. Hope Veterinary Hospital and to all of you that assisted Love From Louie with her care. Her good fortune is a light that now shines in your life. Thank you!!!

Feeling so much better and looking great too!

Feeling so much better and looking great too!

[box type=”info”] Beautiful Skye met her new forever family tonight including brother Bubba. I gave her a big smooch, told her to be a good girl and thanked the Universe for loving people like Addie Minchin and her parents Heidi and Rob. Jimmy and I are consoling ourselves with snuggling, a few tears, and a bucket of frozen yogurt! — with Addie Minchin.[/box]

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